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Apps: WordPress vs Express


So, WordPress seems to have their own “free” app for the iPhone…great there went $4.99.

Let’s take the WordPress and Express apps head to head.

Right off the bat I noticed a huge difference when I write a blog post. The WordPress app has fields for Title, Tags and Category. There are options to add images, add video, add media, edit publishing settings and preview blog post prior to posting. Sa-weet!

Now for the Express app, the interface is slicker than butter, but it lacks functionality. There are fields for Title and Content. There is only a single publish button – nothing else…boooring!

So, for quick blog posting to a WordPress backend without having to clean-up afterwards…save your money and download the WordPress app for “free”. Kenobi Studios, you have some work to do!




Red Bull vs Express for WordPress iPhone App by Kenobi Studios

What?! Yeah…this is how my brain works! Technology or food?!

Do you spend $4.99 for the Express for WordPress iPhone app for blogging or $4.49 on a Red Bull for breakfast? Okay, so I chose the app.

I wanted to know if the app would help my microblogging during the week and I wanted to know if I could do without a Red Bull for breakfast, which also helps me in a different way throughout the week.

The review pegged the app as average because it is lacking some features like linking videos and tagging. Features that I am not sure I care about just yet, but they sound relevant. My goal is to push what is on my mind, with more content than a twitter post, but less than a full blown blog article.

So far this app rocks! I will keep you all posted.